The Force Unleashed II

The first AAA game project that I was involved in the entirety from the conceptual stage all the way to post release.


  • lent a hand since early conceptual stage with a lot of crazy unhinged ideas (not many survived throughout the production due to tech limitation at the time)
  • helped to get Singapore game designer team up to speed with the new console development pipeline
  • laid out the foundation greybox that eventually became the 2nd part of Cato Nemoidea level
  • worked on Endor DLC level where we somehow got greenlit to kill Ewoks, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and (Jedi) Leia
  • worked under Cory Barlog during his short stint at LucasArts in San Francisco (yes, I insist this is a highlight!)
Kicking ass with the force: the sequel

Several unused concept pieces from conceptual exploration stage

Screenshots from the game

Cato Nemoidia The Western Arc playthrough

Endor DLC playthrough