Hey there!
Yandhie here, I like to think myself as a crafter of joy, weaver of dreams, designer of experience.

I helped to develop and publish game projects as a member of great teams in Ubisoft, LucasArts, Bandai Namco Studios, and Dreamrockets. I’m extremely lucky to have had privilege to work on some exciting franchises with a fantastic history.

In some projects my primary contribution was as game/quest/level designer, while in others I lent a hand in project management, art or even creative direction. I’m certified as PMP and trained in Agile project management.

Go ahead and explore this site to find out more about my roles in each project.

Skull and Bones

Contributed as Quest Designer and Onboarding experience.
(link and details to be added soon)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Contributed as Level Designer on Mission 12, Mission 14 and VR Mission 3.

The Force Unleashed II

Contributed as Level Designer for Cato Nemoidea level as well as early exploration during pre-production.

The Force Unleashed (DLC)

Contributed as Content-Designer-in-training for Hoth and Tatooine levels.

Kutsuki Puzzle Piko

Contributed primarily as Producer, but lent a hand as game designer as well in time of need.

Lord of the Guardians

Contributed primarily as Producer, but lent a hand as game designer as well in time of need.

The gaming industry was the first to master Human-Focused Design”

Yu-Kai Chou (Yukaichou.com)

I couldn’t agree more. Moving forward, as digitization is affecting all facets of life, a well crafted experience is a necessity for any kind of businesses, regardless of the industry. As someone who had worked as game designer, the acquired skills to understand the vast spectrum of human behaviours and what affects them would be one of my main weapons in designing awesome user experience beyond the realm of games.

Those who are victorious plan effectively and change decisively

Tsun Zu

Planning and project management are key factors in any projects of any scales. Thus, I enjoyed equipping myself with the knowledge and experience since my school days. As such, I’m comfortable with either waterfall or Agile methodologies.