Downtown South Battle

The mini project was started as a means of learning Unity game engine for prototyping and blocking out level. Playthrough video is at the bottom of the page.

The aim of the (1st pass) prototype was not to finish the level implementation, but to generate useful feedback as early as possible and to use that as a springboard to evolve the idea/direction further.

Papermap of the level for quick planning before jumping into the level editor
Planned progression timeline to plan the estimated intensity and difficulty levels
Level blockout playthrough

Concept: Fighting your way through enemy’s make-shift fortification to reach the catacomb entrance.
Narration: The PC learns that the Relic of McGuffin was hidden beneath the ancient catacomb. He needs to get there before the enemy figured it out, although they have begun to fortify the surrounding city blocks.
Environment: Recently abandoned metropolitan area with fresh signs of urban warfare damage. Some parts are still fully intact, to further emphasize that the conflicts were fairly recent. Gameplay will be mix of interior and exterior space.
Beginning: Player starts at Main Ave. and collects essential equipments before engaging the enemy.
Ending: The level is done as the player reaching the Catacomb Entrance or getting killed.
Goals: Reaching Catacomb Entrance
Challenges: Enemy units of varying degrees of difficulties, environmental and navigational puzzle.
Rewards: The player obtains new type of weapon (RPG) and gains new knowledge about the enemy and the possibility of winning the war.
Failure: The game ends and player restart from the latest cleared checkpoint.